Introduction: Memorial or Religious Candle

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Do you follow a faith that doesn't have specialty candles available at your local store?
Perhaps you want to create a unique candle to celebrate a special occasion, or pay tribute to someone?
Maybe you want to create an unusual art project that venerates and sanctifies the mundane?
This project could be for you!

Step 1: Introduction

In religious supply stores, as well as many supermarkets and "dollar stores", you will find assorted candles in glass containers printed with religious images and prayers. If you can't find the candle you want, or want to create one for a special purpose, you can follow these suggestions to create your own.

Step 2: What You'll Need

Besides a computer with a basic graphics program and a printer, you will need a candle in a glass container (available from "dollar stores", supermarkets, etc.) and a package of clear labels (available from office supply shops or craft stores).
I would suggest a white candle, since the image will be printed on a transparent film, and anything normally white (on paper) will appear as the color of the candle behind it.
Also, make certain that the film is compatible with your printer. Film meant for ink jet printers could jam in a laser printer.
(I use full sheet film for my projects, but if you want to use die-cut clear labels, feel free.)

Step 3: Choosing the Image

After choosing the image you want to have on the candle, print it out on paper and cut it out to determine where on the candle it will go.
For this project, I've chosen a public domain photograph of Albert Einstein (No real reason. Just chosen at random).

Step 4: Printing the Image

When you've decided on what will appear on the candle, print the image on the film and trim it.

Step 5: Applying the Image

Wash off any dust from the glass, dry it well, and then carefully peel off the backing and place the image on the glass.
Remember that you can only do this once! Peeling the film off the glass to move it will cause the ink or toner to flake off the film, and ruin the image.

Step 6: That's It!

Remember that a lit candle is an open flame! Never leave it unattended, and keep it away from anything that can catch fire, or could knock the candle over (pets, curious children, etc.). Also, the glass will be hot when the candle is burning, or has just been extinguished.
-Experiment with different colors for backgrounds.
-Print up appropriate prayers, invocations, or poems to match the images, and apply them to the other side of the candles.
-If a safety sticker interferes with where the image will go, carefully scrape the sticker off with a single-edge razor blade before applying the film.
-Those with appropriate senses of humor can create sacred objects of mundane images or cultural icons (celebrities, cartoon characters, etc.), or even sanctify non-religious people (i.e.: noted atheists and skeptics).

-Start your own religion and create public shrines to confuse the multitudes (or even attract potential converts!).