Introduction: Memories That Last a Life Time! a Gift From the Heart!

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This year I decided to give all of my family bottle cap key chains with pictures inside. My whole family lives away from each other and I figured that this was the perfect way to keep us together after the holidays! These bottle cap jewelry pieces can be used as necklaces, bracelets, tree decorations, key chains... the possibilities are endless! At the end of my first field experience of student teaching I gave each of my first graders a keep sake bottle cap; my heart was warm knowing that they could keep just a small piece of their first grade year with them as they got older. I have given these bottle caps out for all occasions, its simple, easy, fun; and most of all they're memorable and keepsake worthy. 

Best of all you can make about 100 bottle cap photos for an average of 20$.

There are only 5 simple steps to make these memories!

Step 1: Carefully Place Your Epoxy Sticker on Your One Inch Photo

The first step is to carefully place your epoxy sticker on your one inch photo. 

** Here's a simple tip on how to create one inch photos: Copy and paste photos onto a word document, right click the photo and hit "size," choose one inch for the width and height! 


Bottle Caps
Hammer and Nail
Jump rings
A Chain of your choice (I used fish hooks),
Glue and Scissors
One Inch Photos
One Inch Epoxy stickers!

(All materials are pictured in the second picture above)

Step 2: Cut Around the Epoxy Sticker

Carefully cut around the epoxy sticker creating a one inch circle!

I chose to do it this particular way to avoid buying a one inch hole punch : )

Step 3: Glue the Photo in Your Bottle Cap

Simply glue your photo into your bottle cap : )

**some prefer to put clear glue in their bottle caps, Elmer's glue will work just fine as long as you don't go over board! 

Step 4: Hammer a Hole in Your Bottle Cap

Hammering a hole in these bottle caps turned out to be surprisingly easy because of how thin bottle caps are! 

Remember to use a cutting board or a note book to hammer on to avoid hammering your counters! 

Step 5: Attach Your Jump Ring and Key Ring/necklace of Your Choice!

Next open your jump ring and attach it to your bottle cap~

I used fish hooks for key chain bottle caps. You may use necklace chains, ball chains, key rings, string, etc, to make whatever you'd like to create with your bottle cap photo! As you can see in my intro photo some of my bottle caps were made into necklaces! 

After attaching your jump rings you are done and free to enjoy your bottle cap jewelry!! I hope you enjoyed this instructable! 

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