Memorizing Puzzle Game

Introduction: Memorizing Puzzle Game

For this instructable I show you how to make a simple memorizing puzzle game with an Arduino Uno.

I will show how to make this project in 3 easy steps.

But first and foremost, make sure you have the following supplies.


  • Arduino Uno
  • 4 * 220 Ohms resistor
  • 4 * 10k Ohms resistor
  • 4 different colored LEDs
  • 4 pushbuttons
  • A bunch of wires

Step 1: Wiring Everything Up

The first step is to setup the connections with the breadboard and Arduino. The pictures should be use as a guide for this step. There are different angle shots to help.


Place the leds on the breadboard.

Then connect a 220 ohm resistor on the positive leg of each led.

Connect the 4 resistors to the pins 5 to 8 of the Arduino using wires


Place the pushbuttons on the breadboard.

Then connect a wire to a leg of the pushbutton and to the positive row of the breadboard. To this for each of them.

Add a wire to the positive row and connect it to the 5v pin of the Arduino.

Then connect a 10K Ohms resistor to one of the legs of each pushbutton.

Connect the other end or those resistors to the GND of the breadboard.

Then connect a wire in parallel to the pushbuton and the 10k ohm.

Connect these 4 wires to the pins 9 to 12 of the Arduino.

* Connect the leds and pushbuttons in order (far left led to pin 8, and far right to 5) (far left button to pin 12 and far right to 9)

* preferably use the same color of wires for the leds and another color for the pushbuttons to avoid confusion

*Careful not to connect the pushbottons on the same rows as the leds on the breadboard.

Step 2: Upload the Code

Next up is to connect your Arduino Uno to your computer and to upload the code.

Step 3: Try It Out

Now that the code is uploaded, try it out!

It's a simple game, tweek it to make it more to your liking!

Hope you found this instructable interesting!

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    this reminds me of the atari touchme game. i also made one with arduino but from a book i got for christmas