Introduction: Memory Box_Jack Daniels Independence Project

Hello, my name is Jennifer Sharp (DOB 12/16/1973) and this is my entry into the Instructables & Jack Daniel’s Independence Project.

I was stung by the creativity bug in High School and started making costumes for the school plays and Renaissance Faires. I worked professionally designing and constructing costumes for 10 years after school.

I got into Emergency Medicine a little later in life and became a Paramedic at age 30. Two years ago I injured my knee while at work and I am now physically unable to perform the duties that I had done before. Luckily enough I have never stopped being creative while working in the medical field. I never stopped designing intricate fantasy apparel and historically accurate dress. I would like to do this full time again, but this time through my own independent shop.

When did Halloween become a “plastic” holiday? Where mass marketed, Not Made in America, cheaply constructed costumes replace the staple of homemade gems that showcased individuality and creativity? What happened to themed parties? Or taking the time to put your passion into a tangible form, into something hand created.

My desire has been to provide people with unique costumes, leather masks, and hand tooled leather items at affordable prices. I would also like to have videos available to everyone who wants to create their own version of what I make.

The Grand Prize will be used to follow my business and marketing plan. It will pay for advertising, the production of quality photo shoots and videos, extra equipment and time. This will keep me from my “doomed behind a desk” career that now awaits me. This isn’t only my independence. It is me helping others to be independent, expressive individuals... and showing it.

I would also like to create quality and entertaining DIY videos on leatherwork and costuming. The series would include:

> How to make your own leather mask.

> How to make leather cases.

> How to protect and finish leather projects.

> How to make a short corset.

> Easy Cloak patterns and stylizing them.

> How to make hair falls.

> How to make Belly Dance clothing and what the pieces are called.

> How to make a dolly for filming along with tips and tricks for filming from a professional.

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