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Introduction: Memory Card Caddy

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Easy to make memory card protection/organization! Can be adapted for almost any memory card I made mine for use with Memory Stick Pro Duo's. It can hold 8 Pro Duo's in a space just bigger than a credit card. I have to estimate for the other formats but I'd say 4 Memory Stick's/6 SD/2 CF; I wouldn't make this for smaller formats (SD micro/mini,XD...) .

Step 1: Get Your Duct Tape Out!

Items need:
-Duct tape (holding the Army's equipment together since 1942)
-Memory cards

-rail card/gift card/fake credit card...

Good for structure and customization

Step 2: Measure First, Rip Once.

Line up the card on a strip of tape leaving a small amount of the card hanging off enough to grip.

Step 3: Making the Sleeve.

Take your strip of Duct tape and roll it around the memory card, you want it snug but not to tight. One side of the roll will most likely be wider which ever end you did not hold when rolling. You will want to place that end towards the outside.

Step 4: Put It All Together.

Here is where you get to be creative i used some empty Metro cards, you could do it simply with a piece of Duct tape on either side. And that's it, enjoy.

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11 years ago on Introduction

 I made something like this for my guitar plectrums but just stuck it between two sheets of paper, the cards are a good idea.


12 years ago on Introduction

uuuh, this isn't all that great. I know it's cool because it involves an alternative use for a NYC metro card, but the design is bogus. It takes up lots of space (why not just stack them), uses/wastes lots of tape (environmental concern goes down the toilet), and if there are any unused slots, it sticks to everything. If you stack the memory cards, then you can use less tape (x cards = (x-1) pieces of tape). Also, it won't look silly.

If you're intent on using the metro card, why not cut and fold it into a box, into which the memory cards fit?


Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

Using tape doesn't really impact the environment, there's no paper is duct tape (Correct me if I'm wrong), and I personally like the concept of them all being in a flat space, but if you're just throwing them in a bag, I guess that you could pretty easily just stack them up, although that is kind of uncomfortable in your pocket. I think that metro cards were used for purely asthetic purposes, but you could use anything you like. Plus, the tape is wrapped with the non-sticky part on the inside, and sandwiched between two cards, so it doesn't stick to everything...

Good Instructable!