Introduction: Memory Foam Chair

Want an awesome, more comfortable office chair you can say you 'worked on' yourself? Follow our instructions and you'll have one in no time!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

To make this project, you will need:

An office chair

Memory foam

Adhesive (we used spray)

Whatever kind of cloth you prefer



Step 2: Gather Your Tools



Staple gun

Step 3: Cut Off Leather From Chair

Using the box cutter, cut the leather off the bottom of the chair making sure to stay as close to the stapled side of the leather as possible. Once you completely remove the leather, proceed to remove a layer of the foam that is already a part of the padding in the chair.

Step 4: Measure and Replace

Measure the seat and cut a piece of memory foam equal to those measurements. Seal memory foam onto seat using adhesive and let dry, then proceed to cover up with leather. However, this time, make sure to both use adhesive on the top of the seat, and use another binder such as staples to connect the ends of the leather to the underside of the seat.

Step 5: The Back

For the back part of the chair, use the same adhesive as before to bind the cotton to the front of the back of the chair. Use as much as you want while keeping it flat so that it stays comfortable for your back. Use the same piece of leather that you cut off of the bottom to cover the cotton, or use another material you have handy. In this case, we used replacement leather. Use the adhesive to secure the middle area and again use staples to wrap the excess material to the other side and secure.

Step 6: Test!

Sit on it! See if it's comfortable and you're supported enough. This is the ideal way to test the chair and see if you need to make any further modifications.