Introduction: Alphabet Memory Game

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My 5 year old daughter, currently in last year of kinder garden, got some comment from her teacher that she still does not master the letter of the alphabet.

I decided to remedy to this drama and build an alphabet memory game to help her in learning her alphabet.

Step 1: Get Some Alphabet With Images From Internet

I needed an alphabet with easy for a 5-year old corresponding images (in French in my case).

Also I wanted to have borders on the letters and to have the letters fitting in the same size cards.

I found this one on the web site

I printed on a laser color printer in two sets

Step 2: Cut and Cut

I used scissors but maybe you could use a sharp blade cutter with a metal ruler as well.

I cut the 52 letters printer on paper, that quite a lot of letters to cut.

Then I search for a cardboard rigid enough but not too thick (to allow me to cut it with scissors). After Xmas I found a very nice one with a shiny blank face. And the other face was raw cardboard making it good to hold the glue.

So the hard jobs is to cut 52 cards in the cardboard (7cm x 5.4cm).

Step 3: Paper Card + Glue + Cardboard

Then stick the 52 paper cards on each of the 52 cardboard card with glue.

Put them under books for one night until it is dry

Step 4: Find a Box to Store Your Cards

I was lucky, but I found a box that matches almost ideally my cards (thanks to my wife who offered me socks for Xmas).

The round opening in the box was already cut in my box.

I just added two pieces of cardboard that I bent to fill in the empty space and separate the three raws of cards