Introduction: Memory Puzzle Alarm Clock

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This is an Alarm Puzzle Clock which means there is a little memory game you have to solve to stop alarm ringing!

As a summary, this clock is for who is being snazzy on mornings. It has 3 LEDs which when you press any of the buttons, the alarm will be silenced and 3 LEDs will give you a random pattern and one minute to enter it.


- 2 Arduino Pro Mini

- Red, green and blue LEDs

- Red, green and blue buttons

- EC11 Rotary Encoder

- Speaker

- Some cables, stripboard, headers

- 3D printed parts


- Soldering Iron and solder

- Stripboard

Step 1: How Is It Works?

You need to use rotary encoder (ec11) to adjust and press it's button to settle it.

At the first start, it will wait you to adjust clock's hour and then minute.

When you adjust that, clock will start to work and you will be allowed to adjust alarm. Every time you pressed the encoder's button, you will jump the next section as alarm's hour, minute and difficulty.

Difficulty works as; 4, 7 and 9 LED blinks for you to remember and you will have one minute to enter it again.

If you can't or don't, the pattern will change and the alarm will ring again.

Step 2: Design

It is a mini game basically (and I learned in the process it's called Simon Memory Game) for this reason I want it to looks like a classic game console.

I added f3d and stl files, you can edit or print freely.

Step 3: Circuit and Code

Circuit is not complicated. I powered one Arduino Pro Mini with 9V battery and connected the other with I2C and give it power with VCC pins, used LCD with I2C module. Used 10K ohm resistors on buttons and 330 ohm with LEDs.

I shared the codes on my Github page.



DS1302 (Real Time Clock)


PCM (I used PCM because I didn't have any chance to buy an amplifier, you can use an amplifier for more sound. I added the original wav file if you want to use that way.)

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