Introduction: MemoryBox

A memory box for people who need to be reminded of their beliefs and identities. When a person touches outside the box, the sound and voice will play by showing the images from their memory on what they want to be reminded of. During a person listens to the sound and voice in the box, the images on the memory box will fade away. That means the images are being absorbed as memories to the person.

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Step 1: Preparing Materials

+ 5 Canvas

+ Acrylic color paints

+ Thermocromatic Pigments

+ Brushes

+ A Copper tape (for speaker circuit)

+ Magnets

+ Should record modules

+ Invisible hanging wires

+ Gloves

+ Jumper wires

+ 9V battery

+ Small Hinges

Step 2: Preparing Colors Mixing With Thermocromatic Pigment

Mixing Thermocromatic pigment with acrylic colors (any color you like)

(When you mix the pigment and acrylic color, when it heated, the color will change back to original acrylic color)

Step 3: The Colors Are Fading Away

Step 4: Making Speaker Circuit

Using copper tape to make a speaker circuit.

For this project, we connected many circuits in order to make them working with one-two sound recoding modules.

Soldering the circuit to make sure they are working. Sometime the copper tapes are not connecting in order to make the circuit working.

Step 5: Connect All Canvas

All the circuit from each canvas will connect to each other.

Step 6: Connect Canvas

Using small hinge to connect each canvas together, for this step, you can use one or two hinges to connect.

Step 7: Box

When you have done from step 1 to this step, ready to put the last canvas on the top.

Step 8: Attaching Sound Recording Module Inside Any Canvas

Sound recorder module is connected to 9 V battery.

Put the sound recording module inside canvas, connecting signal wire and ground wire to the copper circuit.

Each wire will connect to each side of the circuit in order to make the circuit complete. (green and white jumper wires)

Step 9: Hot Hand

Using magnet to make the sound circuit vibrate in order to generate the sound.

Putting magnet inside the gloves, and out another layer to put the HOT HAND pad.

Cover them all with another glove.

(Using hit glue to make magnet connect to the gloves)

Step 10: Ready to Make Your Memory!!

For this step, we made another canvas to hold the gloves ready for people to use them.

Putting magnets at the back to hold the gloves which they are already have magnets inside.

Step 11: Let's Play