Introduction: Menacing Venison Head

To make a fun display for venison (or beef) summer sausage all you need is:


Masking Tape

Cream Cheese


Jar of Stuffed Olives

Step 1: Head Base

Crumble 4 or 5 balls of newspaper. Use masking tape to connect paper into a skull shape

Step 2: Eye & Nose Sockets

Fold newspaper to make long flat strips. Make circle shape out of paper and tape to skull base. Repeat for second eye. Make 2 smaller ones for the nose holes.

Step 3: Antlers

Roll newspaper into tubes for antlers. Make 2 smaller tubes branch off main tube. Tape to skull. Repeat for second side.

Step 4: Finished Base

This is what the finished base should look like.

Step 5: Final Steps

Take finished base and cover in cream cheese.

Place ham over cream cheese to look like skinned deer.

Use stuffed olives for the eyeballs.

Place on tray of lettuce and put deer sausage around skull.


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