Introduction: Mending Socks

You are about to give your damaged socks a new chance.

Step 1: What You´ll Need

1. Your damaged socks

2. Yarn

3. Embroidery yarn (preferably several colours)

4. A needle

5. A piece of fabric or something compact like a tennis ball

Step 2: Preparing Your Sock

Before you start sewing, you should put something into your sock to give it more of a shape. This way, it will be easier to see the edges of the hole clearly and work on the mending. I used a scarf, but anything that can become compact, preferably a ball or a lightbulb, will do.

Step 3: Mending the Hole

First you´ll need the regular yarn. Thread the needle and stitch back and forth to cover the hole. This is the base for your mending. Then thread your needle with the embroidery yarn and weave the thread into the base as shown in the second picture. Keep on doing this, with the colours of your choice, until the hole is completely covered.

Step 4: Make Patterns and Patches

Now the hole is mended and you´re going to continue decorating your sock. Use the same technique as before, but now instead of covering a hole, you´ll sew directly onto the knit. Take your time and play around with different weaving patterns.

Step 5: The Finish

Remember to secure all loose threads and hide the knots on the inside of the sock. Now the sock is ready to be worn yet again!

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