Introduction: Mentalism Hands Free Card Trick

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This is one of my favorite card tricks to do to people because all you have to do is listen and talk while the spectator sets the deck for you. This will leave anybody amazed. You could even do this trick over a phone call!

Step 1: Giving Directions

For this trick there is lots of room for error so you have to be detailed in your instructions. First you need to tell the spectator to think of any card. Then tell them to lay the deck face down on a flat surface. Then tell them to take the first card of the deck and put it face up next to the original deck. Tell them to read the card. Some people will only read the number so you can give an example.
just say" like ace of hearts, queen of diamonds"
Memorize the first card that they say. If you're doing this over phone you could write it down somewhere. In this example it would be the 10 of clubs.

Step 2: Faking

After they read off about 5 cards stop them and say "Oh wait. Did I say face down? I meant face up. Just put those cards back on top of the deck and flip it over"
Now tell them to repeat step one except have the deck facing up.

This will make them think that the real step one had no use and it was just a mess up.

Step 3: Stopping Again

Now stop them after reading about 10-15 cards and say "I'm starting to get a feeling of what your card is. Can you find your card in the deck and tell me if it is in between two red cards?" Their answered doesn't matter this is just to distract them. No matter what their answer is say. "Ok, great! Take that card out of the deck and say it over and over again in your head."

Step 4: Time to Blow Their Minds

After maybe 10 seconds or so, say "Alright, now flip over the deck again so it's face down and put your card on the top" Now we know that their card is on top of the card that you wrote down.
Then say "Cut the deck somewhere in the middle and flip it over one more time so it's face up." Now have them do the same thing as in step one but listen carefully. As they read off the cards listen for the card you wrote down. For example the 10 of clubs. The card they say after that will be their card that they were thinking of. Wait until they read off a few more before stopping them and saying "Hmmm. I have a good feeling about three cards. But the one I have the best feeling about is..." and then name their card.
This trick is guaranteed to amaze anybody.
Good luck!