Introduction: Mercedes Benz W639 Vito Viano Gear Selector Shift Stick Lever Bush Repair Fix Kit Manual Install Instructions Guide


Sloppy gear changes, loose feeling gear shift, difficulty getting into gears especially reverse and first. Gears feel like they have shifted over to the left so that 3 & 4 are where 1 & 2 normally sit. Wobbly / loose gear stick.


A bush within the gear stick assembly wears causing shifting issues.

Within the OEM gear stick shift mechanism is a poor-quality Nylon bush, a ball at the bottom of the shift stick operates within this bush, this is tight friction fit, the Nylon being of poor-quality wears away, allowing excess movement; causing the faults noted above. The solution until now was to replace the whole gear shift unit, not only is this expensive but it would inevitably fail again.


Install our new improved design bush and restore sharp gear changes.

Fit our improved material and design gear stick bush. Replace the poor-quality OEM bush with our new part at a fraction of the cost of changing the complete gear stick assembly (£300+). This will bring the sharpness back to your gearbox and make driving the vehicle easier and more enjoyable.

Our bush is made from a high-quality modified nylon and will not fail like the OEM part. Our part is made in two halves to make installation very easy, please check out our instructions and video.

Our part is injection moulded for the perfect finish. This is essential in providing smooth operation and combating wear. Not 3d printed or machined. Constructed of the best material for this application, this is what we specialise in, please check out our feedback.

Vehicles affected

Mercedes Benz Vito/Viano W639 (2003-2014) 5 and 6 speed manual gearboxes only.

Mercedes Benz V-Class V350 (Japan only)

Mercedes Benz Valente (Australia only) 2012-2014

Associated part numbers

A6392605309, A6392603500, A6392607109, A6392605509, A6395450532, A6392602998, A6392601109, A6392602509, A6392607309.

You will receive

1x Improved material / design gear stick bush (in two halves for easy install)

Step 1: Remove Electrical Connector

Remove the electrical connector. This is held in place by two T20 Torx screws. This needs to be removed to access other parts later on.

Step 2: Remove Gear Shift Cables

Remove the gear shift cables from their ball sockets.

Use a large flat head screwdriver or suitable size spanner to gently ease the head of the cable upwards and away from the ball socket.

Step 3: Remove Spring Loaded Retaining Clamp

Remove the screw using a T30 Torx. There is a nut at the other end of the screw which is located in a hole the size of the nut. When you undo the screw take care to locate and keep the nut safe.

When the screw is loosened, the spring clamp loses tension and the prongs can be pried out of position. Remove this item completely from the assembly.

Step 4: Remove the 5 Screws

Remove the five T25 Torx screws holding the upper gear stick assembly to the lower section.

Step 5: Remove Upper Assembly

The whole upper assembly can be pulled gently upwards.

Remove the base plate (yellow-ish colour), which should just come away easily, slide it along the metal shaft and off of the end over the ball socket. The will expose the location of the gear bush that we need to change.

Step 6: Remove Old Bush

The bush is located in the Black housing. Slide this Black housing upwards to expose the gear bush.

Quite often the gear bush will be broken and could well just fall away, but as shown here, it could just be worn. In this instance cut away the thin section of the bush above the groove for the ball joint, this will allow you to snap out of position.

Step 7: Fit New Gear Bush

Our bush comes in two halves so that it is easier to install. When lined up, the two halves will have two protruding notches which will need to be lined up with the corresponding notches on the bush housing.

Once lined up, just slide the housing down over the bush and you should already be able to feel the new stiffness and solidness of the gear stick.

Slide the base plate of the housing back into position so that the screw holes line up on the housing and the base plate.

Step 8: Refit Upper Assembly to Lower Section

Refit the upper assembly to the lower section by sliding it into position.

Line up the holes left by the long T30 Torx screw.

Refit the five T25 Torx screws which hold the upper and lower sections together.

Step 9: Refit Spring Retaining Clamp

Put the nut in place first and hold with your finger while you put the screw and spring clamp into position. Lightly tighten the screw until the nut holds in position by itself.

You will then need to put the spring clamp retaining prongs in position in the grooves on the protruding piece of plastic with the ball socket on the end. Once these are in place, fully tighten the screw. At this point test function to ensure that when shifter is pushed left or right it springs back to the central position. If it doesn't, recheck the spring is orientated as shown.

Step 10: Refit Gear Shift Cables and Electrical Connector

You can now refit the gear shift cables on to their appropriate ball sockets.

They are a simple push fit.

The final step is to refit the electrical connector with the previously removed T20 Torx screws.

Once this is done, the gear bush repair is complete.

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