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Introduction: Mermaid Baby Shower

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Follow this step-by-step instructable to create a fun fantastical baby shower.

Step 1: Plan and Prepare

Know your theme, the date and the time.

Double check with the guest(s) of honor to make sure it works for them. Plan on making invites or e-vites to send out at least 6 weeks prior to the party date.

Make a list of items that you need to purchase, decorations to be made, food to be bought and made, games to be played, prizes to be given and any other special thoughts such as a photo booth, special messages for mommy, picture frame signing, & ,ect.

Step 2: Get Started

You can start on decorations right away.

Some things to have in mind are: How many tables there will be. Will there be an area of focus? How large will the room be that you're throwing the party.

Gather materials needed: Cardboard, Spray paint, Various pieces of scrapbook paper, hot glue, glue sticks, paint pen, twine, tulle and ribbon.

One week ahead of time, make a schedule of events at the party.

Step 3: Make Momma a Mermaid Queen

Make special wear and a throne for the mermaid mom. Make her day extra special.

Step 4: Bring the Tables to Life

Add some dollar store fish netting on color coordinated table cloths and add a centerpiece. Cut out sea animal shapes and scatter around the centerpiece.

Step 5: Area of Focus

Make an area of focus. Here we did a name reveal so we jazzed up the fireplace for such an event.

Step 6: Decoration

Keep a running theme with decorations throughout the party venue.

Take a look at some of the elements I added to the party.

Step 7: Games & Food

Keep your guests entertained with plenty of food options and party games.

Keep time on track by announcing games and keep within the allowed time limit.

For extra fun you can add fun labels to food (PDF attached)

For example you can add a fun twist to food names

Baby Carrots - Orange Coral

Blue Punch - Sea Water

Popcorn - Seam Foam

To make a mermaid cake check out this instructable:


Keep the party lively with fun games. Ones we played were:

"Don't Say Baby" - Everyone wear's a clothes pin and if you catch someone saying "Baby" you get their clothespin. The one with the most pins wins.

"Guess that Baby Food" - Label any number of baby food jars, remove the label and have guests try to guess what the food is.

"Make a Mermaid" Use novelty decorations and streamers to have teams each dress a model up like a mermaid. The guest of honor gets to judge the winner.

Have little prizes to hand out to winning guests.

Step 8: Wrapping It Up

Finish the shower with mom as the center of attention.

Have her open up her gifts and have someone write down who gave her what gift so she can make thank you cards later.

To make it easier, pass out envelopes for people to put their addresses on and mommy will just have to write the thank you card and put it in the corresponding envelope.

Most importantly, have fun!

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    7 years ago

    How cute and original this was! I love everything about it.


    Reply 7 years ago

    Thank you so much. I love baby showers.