Introduction: Mermaid Stocking Tutorial

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Print and cut out the pattern if you wish to have the same shape as mine - if not drawing out a mermaid tail can be pretty easy

Download the PDF provided in step 3 and print!

Step 1: Choosing Your Fabrics!

I used a total of 5 different fabrics for this stocking (two of which were scraps)

For the main stocking i used a transparent sequence fabric

for the fin of the tail i used a minky fabric (typically used for baby blankets)

and for the trim i used a furry minky fabric (typically used for lining) but you can buy fur on a spool at your local fabric store (joanns for fabric land)

For the interior of the stocking i used a left over fleece i had on hand and a beige cotton which i used to put on the back of the sequence fabric since it was transparent

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Step 2: Cutting

Cut out your pieces

Cut out two fin pieces and 4 tail pieces (unless you have a transparent fabric like i did then cut out your 3rd fabricx2 as well)

for the trim i measured that at the end

and i also cut out a 3" by 8" piece of fabric that i used for the loop to hang the stocking from - which can be a scrap fabric of use some of the fin fabric

Step 3: Skip This Step If You Dont Have a Transparent Fabric

so because i had this sequence fabric that was transparent i used beige fabric that i used to put on the back of it so you couldn't see through it, so basically i put these two pieces together and treated them as one piece of fabric.

Skip this step if you chose a fabric that isnt see through!

Step 4: Time to Start Sewing! Attaching the Fin

the first thing you are going to do is place the fin onto the tapered end of the tail as shown, right sides together.

then you will sew that raw edge

**you will do this for Both sides of the stocking

Step 5: Sewing the Lining On

Now its time to lay the lining piece onto the tail body piece right sides together and sew at the top of the stocking (the fatter end of the tail body) as shown!

you will be left with one giant piece of fabric so three pieces in total,

** you will do this for both sides of the stocking

***As show in the photo

Step 6: Sewing the Two Pieces Together!

Now its time to take the two sides of the stocking and sandwich them together **as shown in the photo ***Right sides together and sew all the way around the whole entire stocking leaving a 5 inch gap for flipping!

*leave the opening on the lining of the stocking so it will be hidden inside the stocking when finished

Step 7: Flipping It!

With that hole that you left in the lining of the tail now its time to flip the entire stocking right side out! and once you have used a tool to poke out all the corners and edges you may sew up that hole so none of the contents of your stocking slips through that whole and are lost forever! hehe

**Once the Fin has been detailed the lining of the stocking slips back into the tail to go into position as the lining

***I would waiting to do this so you dont end up sewing the bottom of the lining inside the fin

Step 8: Time to Detail the Fin

To make the Fin look like a tail all you need to do is top stick all along the top of the fin

at first i would do a quarter inch seam along the whole fin and then do lines from the bottom of the fin up to the base of the take body

**this takes up a lot of thread so make sure your bobbin is reloaded!

Step 9: Attaching a Loop for Hanging

Grab a piece of scrap and cut a rectangle 4" by 6" (or 8" would be better)

sew right sides together and flip! and then attach it onto the seam of the inside of the stocking

*i recommend waiting til the trim is on to place this loop

Step 10: Attaching Trim!

Measure out your trim to fit the brim of your stocking, put the right side of the trim against the lining of the stocking *pin all around and sew together

By doing it this way you can flip the trim and hide the seam! *Beautiful!

Attach your look from the previous step and your finished!

***Recommend to tack the trim at the seams of the stocking to keep it folded down and stay nice (otherwise it may flip back up from time to time) needle and thread and a few quick stitches will help with that

Thank so much and if you have any question dont hesitate to leave them in the comment section and dont forget to check out my Blog and my youtube Channel where i do have a video showing you how i did this project!

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