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Introduction: Mermaid Waterfall Braid

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Hey momoluvers, it's momo! Today I'll be making his beautiful and elegant yet simple and easy hair tutorial.

I found this on the internet about a year ago and I wore it to school several times and got many compliments on how amazing it looked! They told me how much they've seen it all over Instagram and Pinterest. When I tried it out for the first time, obviously I was intimidated. Of course it won't look like it supposed to and it'll have some problems, but I thought why not give it a go?

Note: you have to have straight hair or semi-straight hair if you want to best results. Also use day old or 2 day old hair. The natural oils help keep the hair lustrous and cooperative

Step 1: Supplies

1- day old or 2 day old hair
2- medium-long length hair.
3- semi-straight hair.
4- small clear elastic
5- smooth defanging brush

Step 2: How to Start It Off

1. Part the hair down the middle.

2. Take two small sections from the front.

3. Loop the bottom one once over the top

4. Take a new section of hair and place it between the two frontal pieces.

5. Twist the first two sections once again, dropping the new section between them.

Step 3: Continue

Continue the waterfall twist and stop at the part in the middle. Repeat the twist waterfall on the other side and once again end at the part.

Step 4: Begin Braiding

Take the leftover pieces from the twist and part it into three sections. Make one braid stitch.

Take the closest piece from the twist braid on the left side and add it to the leftmost braid piece.

Repeat on other side, grabbing the closest right piece and adding it to the braid.

Make one braid stitch and repeat.

Step 5:

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    7 years ago

    Omg so cute(inserts double heart eye emoji) btw your perfect!