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Introduction: Merry Critmas DND Sign

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I Moved out of my house this year for the first time ever and wasn't able to pack any of my Christmas decorations with me, So I knew this year I was going to have my work cut out for me. When we moved into our new house the previous tenants left this generic family sign which I just needed to turn into something that fit more with our house. We are a house full of nerds and dnd is talked about 24/7 and with the holidays around the corner I finally came up with the plan for the sign that had been hidden under my desk for months. Today were gonna do something fun, sit down make yourself some tea or hot cocoa, put on some Christmas tunes and lets get crafting.


  • canvas or recycled canvas and thick drawing paper
  • paint and pallet (I use recycled egg cartoons or misc plastic)
  • thick white canvas primer
  • sharpies, pencil crayons, paint brushes
  • scissors
  • glitter (optional) or pearlescent paints.
  • 1 D20 dice for reference
  • A quick sketch of what you want it to look like depending on your canvas shape.

Step 1: Priming

If you have a fresh canvas you can skip the first step which is to layer a couple coats of canvas primer or white base paint to cover the recycled generic live laugh love art that I did. When the layers are drying either create or print out your dice template on some thick drawing paper that can handle glew and acrylic paint. Once those layers are fully dried, glue on you dice using mod podge or a suitable glue. Next with a pencil lightly sketch out your dnd based Christmas based message and once its how you like it write it in a sharpie. If you decide to do another color over top take a picture so you can remember where your lettering will be. My walls are white so I opted for a red but the background can be any Christmas color like a green, this current white, or a mint.

Step 2: Next Color and Prep

Put one more thin layer of white paint now over top of the writing and the dice thin enough that it shows through. Tape off the areas you don't want your color to cover then start painting, you may need a few coats depending on your desired texture. Once dry take off your tape and reline your dice and carefully paint the bar what ever color your prefer if your canvas doesn't have this part make sure to carefully tape it off or opt out of it for a funky design or just the words and the dice, feel free to make it your own and add your own tweaks to it.

Step 3: Details and More Fun

Now is the time to take out that photo you took earlier and using a white or light colored pencil and lightly write the same nerdy phrase you did before and when it looks good write either with a paint marker or with a paint brush and your desired color. Once that is done now its time to add some fun details. I added red stripes to the numbers of the D20 to look like candy canes but you can leave the plain or fill them with anything. On the bar I put this simple Christmas light design but you can put anything there really such has a cute holly design, or maybe a cute Christmas tree line or another message. Now I know a lot of people hate glitter but I love it so I had to make a glitter dice, this totally optional you can leave the dice how it is, but I just applied a thin layer of mod podge and sprinkled the glitter over the glue. I also put some on the edges to look like frosty snow and added a few snowflakes with a white paint pen the finish of this DND Christmas project.

Step 4: Have a Merry Critmas Full of Cheer

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    2 years ago

    That's awesome, nice take on the "Crit"itical in Christmas.