Introduction: Merry-go Round Ft.Eyeballs

Ghostly go around!!! Wake up to eyeballs spinning above you.....Just follow the steps below

Step 1: Gathering Materials

4 Styrofoam balls (size: tennis ball)


2 strips of cardboard


D.C Motor

Battery that equals 3V

Alligator clips

8 Paper clips

Glue gun


Paint brushes

Step 2: Creating the Eyeball

- Cut a circular piece of styrofoam (Diameter of 30cm)

- Cut 2 long continuous pieces of cardboard. (Dimension: 5.5 cm wide/45cm long)

- Using a glue gun attach the long piece of cardboard to the bottom of the styrofoam circle.

**Paint the base if you like.

Step 3: Attachment of the Wire

- Make distinct holes of equal length around the cardboard.

- Tie wire around those holes.

- Apply a layer of hot glue on top of the wire and leave it to dry. (Peel off once dried)

Step 4: Creating the Eyeball

**Ready-made styrofoam balls (5 in total)

- Paint the eyeballs to give a realistic effect.

Step 5: Connecting the Eyeball to the Base

- Once the wire is tightly tied around these holes, gun the 5 eyeballs to the dangling ends of each wire .

Step 6: Attach the Motor and Get It Spinning

- Using a glue gun, attach the motor to the top of the base.

- Use styrofoam pieces and attach to the side of the motor.

- Tie wire around to sustain the position.

- Slide-in 4 paper around each side of the motor, as seen in the picture.

- Tie wire to one end and attach another paper clip to the other.

- Hand the ends of the string with the attached paper clip to a ceiling.

- Use two (3V) battery to power the motor. (glue it on top.)

- Lastly, connect alligator clips to it and get it spinning.