Mesh Tubing Necklace

Introduction: Mesh Tubing Necklace

Mesh tubing, aka Tubular Crin, aka Cyberlox, is great for lots of accessories and jewelry.  I already have a tutorial showing how to make cyber falls, but here's something totally different you can do with it. 

What you need: 

- Narrow mesh tubing
- beads (something with shine works best; I used iridescent rosebud beads and faux pearls).  It helps if the beads you'll be using as spacers have larger holes.
- leather crimps and clasp
- hot glue
- pliers

Step 1: Adding Beads

Insert beads into the tubing, securing every few beads by squishing the tubing end so it can fit through the bead hole.  Depending on the size of hole on your beads, this can be tricky, but trimming off any frayed plastic bits can help. 

For this reason you want to start with tubing a couple inches longer than your finished necklace, as the ends will get a bit frayed from all the manipulation.

Step 2: Finishing

Once you're done stringing your necklace, here's how to add a clasp.

Finish the tubing end by squishing the ends and adding a dab of hot glue; once the glue cools a little, squish it into the plastic and roll it around with your fingers.  Trim the end so it's neat.

Here I have two leather crimps attached to a lobster clasp.

Insert the end into one leather crimp, fold the sides over and press firmly with your pliers to secure.

Step 3: Finished Necklace!

Using different colours of tubing and beads will give you very different results - try soft colours of tubing with bright beads, black tubing with a contrasting bright colour of bead, or even a bright tubing with another bright colour bead for extra oomph! 

You can also string pendants (with large holes) onto the tubing between sections of beads. 

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