Introduction: Soldering Tin Dispenser From Trash Item

ever found your soldering tin stock mess around in your tools box?
its very annoying, rite?

so then i found a way to make this thing stop making trouble :D

ive must making a dispenser for it

Step 1: There You Go

look around and i found something to make it.
1. spray can cap
2. empty soldering oil can

they should be fit with my roll of soldering tin.

Step 2: Lets Do It

make a hole on spray can cap.
make sure its big enough for tin line to trough it. but dont make it too big.

and then .... through that hole with tin line.

finish this project with empty soldering oil can.

Step 3: Done

now we have a dispenser for our soldering tin ... it make sure that tin would not going to mess on my tools box again ... lol

its easy, simple, and green ... rite?
because we use our plastic trash :D

hope this idea is usefull for you

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