Message in a Bottle + GPS



Introduction: Message in a Bottle + GPS

I recently started translating and film my tutorials in English to share my passions. I am a famous…

i took an old sqare glass bottle.

it was from a olive oil from my kitchen.

using a glass cutter i cut the bottle in 2 parts.

i can spin the bottle wile the glass cutter in hold on top of a base "in this a case a battery.

Step 1: Lets See the Electric Part

now the electric part:

1 solar panel

1 battery + control circuit

1 gps box + gsm card & SD card

the gps unit haves 2 gsm antennas " the black cables"

one GSM cable antenna "red color"

the solar panel will charge the battery during the day.

at sunset the power of the battery will go to gps unit "yes it works only during the night"

Step 2: Protect Evverything

a very soft matress is placed all aorunf the components.

i cover every elecric part using a soft material.
this will absorb the impact in water, and make more visible the bottle.

the solar panel is placed on the top.

the waight of the components will keep always the bottle staigt.

Step 3: Write a Letter

a letter in written with my contacts.

and protected with come plastic bag

this is very important to keep away moisture and water in caser of a crash once it reach the land.

Step 4: Ready to Go

a letter is placed in the bottle.

and ready to float around the sea.

so i just neeed to throw the bottle in the sea.

last time it trook only 4 months to land in sardinia.

hope for the same result!

FULL video here:

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