Introduction: Messenger Bag Hanger

This is a neat way to store your messenger bag while at home. A simple quick project that will display you love for all things bike while at home, while keeping your bag off the ground.

Step 1: Parts Needed

The following parts are needed to create one messenger bag hanger;

1 Used Leather Belt or Strap
1 Steel handlebars (the older the better)
10-32x2 Round Slotted Brass Machine bolts (2)
#10 Brass Finish Washers (4)
10-32 Lock Nuts (2)
Brass drywall screws (2)

Step 2: Tools Needed

To complete this project you will need the following tools;

7/32" Titanium Drill Bit,
Dremel cutting tool (or hacksaw),
Tape Measure.

Step 3: Preparing the Parts

To complete this step you want to remove the belt buckle from the strap (we only need to leather). Cut the belt into two 8" sections and use your scissors to round off the straight edges of the belt.

Next make sure that the handlebars are clean, if they are stainless steel they will shine up nicely with some 0000 steel wool. Once shiny you can clear coat them to prevent oxidizing.

Step 4: Drilling the Handlebars

1) Measure evenly out to each end of the flat section of the handlebars from the center. The distance will vary based on your specific set of handlebars, I found that 4" worked well for me.

2) Make a mark on the top of the handlebar tube on each side.

3) Using a center punch, provide a starting point for your drill on both sides of the handlebar. Without a starting point the drill will naturally want to roll as it drills. If you don't have a center punch just start drilling slowly.

4) Drill all the way through the top of the handlebar and ensuring that the drill is level, continue drilling through the bottom portion of the tube. You should be able to see straight through the hole when done.

5) Repeat for the other side.

Step 5: Drilling the Belt

With the holes set in the handlebars, it is time to make the matching holes in the belt. There needs to be a hole drilled into the leather in two places so that a bolt can go through the belt, then handlebars, and then belt again, before putting on the lock nut.

Measuring from one end of the belt drill holes at 3/4" from the end and 2 3/8" from the end of the belt. This will vary depending on the diameter of the handlebars. To be sure drill your first hole and then wrap the belt around the bar to see where the 2nd hole will line up.

Step 6: Assembly

With all of the holes drilled both in the belt and the handlebars, it is time to put this together. for each side you will use 1 bolt, 2 finish washers and 1 lock nut.

1) Assemble the finish washer and bolt.

2) With the handlebar ends facing you and pointed up to the ceiling take the drilled end of the belt and wrap it around the bars. Hole #1 should be wrapped around to the top of the bar and hole #2 should be over the bottom hole on the handlebars.

3) Using a hammer (if necessary) drive the bolt up through both layers of belt and the handlebars from the bottom up.

4) Once through add another finish washer and then the lock nut and tighten.

5) Use Dremel or hacksaw to remove the remaining section of bolt.

6) Repeat for other side.

Step 7: Hanging

Now that you are done assembling all that is left to do is hang. I recommend using drywall anchors behind the bolts, incase you are hanging a heavy bag.

Measure the distance from center to center on your two hanging leather straps. Put your remaining screws through the finish washer and into the wall.

Step 8: Enjoy!

We hung two in our house for both my and my wife's bags, they have held up so far.

This project cost me a total of $27 for two of them, but I was able to get the handlebars cheap at a used bike shop.

Have fun.