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Introduction: Messenger Plane

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A friend wanted to know what paper planes we made as children preferably with instructions. So here is mine the messenger plane so called because you can tuck little messages into its body


A rectangular sheet of paper anything from A4 to a page of a news paper seemed to work ok from memory I'm using a sheet of A4 for this demonstration

Step 1: Make a Square

Lay the paper out landscape.
Take the bottom right corner and fold it up to the top edge so what was the left edge is level and square with the top edge. Make a firm crease where the front edge is now at 45°
Remove the narrow rectangular section on the right. Fold and slit /fold and tear/rip along a straight edge/use scissors the choice is yours but make it neat

Step 2: Form the Tail

Fold the rectangular section in half long ways and crease.
Unfold fold the front edges to the middle to form a point crease. Set to one side for later assembly

Step 3: Make a Double Thickness Triangle

Take the square fold the creased points together and crease.
Unfold turn the square over and fold in half to form a rectangle.
The combination of 2 diagonal creases on one side and a length wise crease from the other should allow the ends of the length wise crease to be brought together forming a double thickness /4 pocket triangular form.

Step 4: Form Body Block

Take one corner of the top layer and fold it to the right angled point. Repeat with the opposite corner top layer.
Fold the newly formed crease in the top layer to the centre line on both sides crease and unfold . Repeat with the front edge of both top layers

Step 5: Form the Nose Cone

The last step should have formed 2 long creases. A crease needs forming from where they cross to the outer point scoring with a thumb nail or a biro normally works.
this should mean when the long folds are remade a central vertical 'ear' develops this is flattened and folded flat towards the nose.

Step 6: Fix the Tail

Insert the point of the tail into the nose with the sides of the v upwards. Turn the whole assembly over and fold the bottom point of the nose back to the rear edge of the wing triangle

Step 7: Fly

Hold between finger and thumb and launch

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