Introduction: Metal Belt Clip (For Measuring Tape) - Made @TechShop!

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Measuring tape is expensive these days, especially ones with belt clips.

I got this small one from a hardware store and thought I'd make one myself

Note: Steel was probably not the best material because the MT itself was aluminum.

In the future I will also use a longer/wider screw to securely hold down the clip better.


Measuring Tape

Sheet Metal



End Mill




Step 1: Dig in the TechShop Scrap Metal Bin

Sheets on sheets on sheets

Step 2: Measure and Approximate With Paper

Measure the MT

Measure your belt

Use a pen/pencil to outline where the screw hole is

Fold the Paper accordingly

Step 3: Cut the Metal & Mark Work

Cut out the holes for the screw and slot to reach said screw


Step 4: Na-na-na-na-na-MILL TIME!

1/16" & 7/16" End Mills

Step 5: Shape

Mark where you want the fold to be and keep in mind the tension while bending

Step 6: Ta-Da!

Clip it your belt and do a dance!