Metal Box Mini Barbecue.

Introduction: Metal Box Mini Barbecue.

End result from start.. let's go


Metal skewers
1 inch chicken cubes
Wood charcoal
Metal box(cookie box, dry fruit etc)
2 bricks large, or smaller bricks which can be stacked

Step 1: Starting Off...

1. Three skewers long metal ones.
2. Get a metal box as per your skewer length.
3. Arrange 2 bricks which are about double the height of the box, widthwise.
4. Place as shown in pictures.
5. Make ur skewers with chicken marinated with Indian spices and capsicum, tomatoes, and onions. Get grilling

Step 2: Ending

6. Blow some air at regular intervals on the coals to speed up charring.
7. Takes 7-8 minutes to cook 300-400g meat cubes.
8. Serve with chutney made by blending 1 handfull each of mint and coriander leaves, half a lemon juice, 2 TSP jal jeera, 1 green chilli. and 2 tbsp curd. No salt needed.
9 Juicy and insanely tasty
10. As u make batches, u can place them on a warm flat bottom tava or pan. Last picture.
Check out pics:

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