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My inspiration for making this project was my favorite soccer team which is a Mexican pro soccer team called "Cruz Azul" that are known for their blue uniforms, being one of the biggest teams of Mexico. This logo stands for more then just the emblem for the team but each star in the emblem represents each time they have won a championship that has been earned and achieved by legends that have gone through the team..

Material List

-Blue, Red and White spray paint

-Sheet Metal

-J-B Weld Glue


-Plasma Cutter

-Computer (CorelDRAW9)



-Sand Paper

Step 1: Corel Draw Logo

Using a Computer find an image of the logo save it and then import your desired picture into the program "Corel Draw 9" and begin to trace the logo. Make sure to trace the exact parts of the logo in a continuous line without stopping make sure your tracing and the image inst in the same layer. Then weld the square together with the words "deportivo" and "cruz azul".through Corel Draw 9 then set a piece of metal to then cut out the logo with the plasma cutter as well as plasma cutting the big background circle for the logo.

Step 2: Finishing Touches

After plasma cutting the logo, out pick up the pieces and chip the remaining slag from the pieces with a hammer and a chisel. Its important to make sure all the back pieces of the logos are close to completely flat. Use sand paper to completely flatten the imperfections on the back pieces.Also avoid getting the metal wet as it will rust.

Step 3: Painting Logo

Afterwards you prepare to paint the pieces of the logo i used blue, red, and white spray paint to match the image of the logo. Make sure you paint the logo in someplace dry, where it won't be touched. I decided to paint my logo outside. I also painted the big background circle white. Then painted the outside circle blue that have the starts and the word "Mexico" as well as the cross blue. You have to tape the the letters of the box with masking tape and then spray paint the square red. Then you remove the tape of the square and cover what you painted which is the box so the letters are the only thing that show then paint the letters blue. Make sure you paint everything evenly and not too heavily.

Step 4: Gluing Pieces Together

After all the paint have dried you will prepare to glue all the pieces into place with J-B weld. So begin with taking the 2 tubes of J-B weld and mix them together with an evenly amount from both tube, then make sure the glue has a dark grey tone. Use tape to use as reference point on the big white circle to know where to glue the rest of the pieces to. Once the glue is ready apply the glue with a metal welding rod, have a separate rod to take off excess glue off the sides.Then to make the glue even more even with a flat long side object. I used a small rectangle metal scrap to take off and even the glue perfectly. You want to make sure it is even like the image above or it will ooze out the edges. Once you place the pieces down, make sure to hold the pieces down with a heavy object so they glue properly. Glue on one piece at a time.

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