Introduction: Metal Curly Straws

As metal straws become more and more popular because of efforts to reduce single use plastics, i thought this would be a fun project because who doesn't like curly straws.

Step 1: Assemble Your Materials

The materials are as follows.

  • Approximately 2 feet of 1/4" Od tubing of any metal (I used copper) just make sure that the tubing wall is not paper thin so that it is easier to bend
  • Tubing bender available here
  • Pair of pliers any type will do

Step 2: Bending the Straw Pt .1 Loop

First make sure to start at the top of the straw and leave enough room to drink from the straw. Then begin with a 180 degree bend in the straw using the tubing bender, after that reverse the tube and use the plier to hold the tube in place while you close the loop. It can be very difficult to close the loop with the tubing bender so you can try to bend the last bit by hand if your tube has thick enough walls. Another tip is to try to use one hand to move the tube out of the way when you finish the loop.

Step 3: Bending the Straw Pt .2 Waves

Begin on a section and give the tube a bend however much you want, then reverse and repeat that bend using the plier to hold it down if necessary.

Step 4: Finish

Now leave it in the dishwasher to give it a colorful coating. This step is optional but if you don't you will have to polish it each time you put it in the dishwasher.

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