Metal Cutting Bandsaw Blade Retainer

Introduction: Metal Cutting Bandsaw Blade Retainer

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This about correcting a design flaw in these small 6" metal cutting bandsaws.

Keeping the blade on the lower drive wheel when the work jams and stops the blade. Usually the blade comes off and you need to open the guard, lower the upper wheel, re-situate the blade, tension it and close the guard before cutting can resume.

Past remedies I have used include tensioning the drive belt to slip before the blade slips on the drive wheel, you lose power doing this but probably get more work done. The other solution is to relieve any snags on the blade where teeth have broken off. I do this with a small diamond file or a dremel tool. file a ramp of 3 or 4 teeth upstream from the flat to allow the blade to not slam the full length of the next remaining tooth.
you need two pieces of metal, some fasteners and a small skate wheel. Getting the wheel centered and snug is the key to success.
TOOLS: Drill, pliers & vice
Not shown: you will probably need to relieve the bottom of the guard to fit the wheel in.

3 different designs are shown from 3 different saws. You can adapt what ever works best for you. Happy Sawing

First Video Shows the device

Second Video Shows Sawing With and Without the Device Installed

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