Introduction: Metal Flowers

A simple project that does not require a forge as most metal flower projects do

Step 1: Designing

To begin your flower first you have to choose your petal shape as this will dictate the type of flower you will have in the end. I chose a lily but the process is the same for many flowers you might want to try to make

Step 2: Stencil

To help keep your petals uniform it helps to have a stencil. The flower I made needed two sets of petal groups but yours may need more or less depending on your design but when using more then one each layer must be differs to give the flower a "real" look. Draw out your petals on a piece of cardboard or thick paper and cut it our to save for later.

Step 3: Choose Your Metal

When picking a metal for this project you need one that is soft enough to bend by hand or on an anvil if you have one. The best choices are copper (very expensive) or thin gauge steel. I had galvanized steel on hand but if you choose the same beware of fumes as burning galvanized steel fumes can and will kill you.

Step 4: Trace Your Petals and Begin Cutting

Take your stencils and trace your petals onto your metal and then cut it out in any fashion you find easiest (I chose tin snips as I had them easily available) beware the sharp edges that will most likely need to be sanded down

Step 5: Stem and Bending

To build your stem you can use any size round bar you wish and attach both of your petal layers on top of your stem by welding them on. Once the petals are on you can begin to bend them up, this is not exact but try to do what you feel looks natural for a flower

Step 6: Anthers

Anthers on a flower carry the pollen and are a finishing touch for most flowers you will make. I used welding electrodes with the flux coating removed and attached them to the center of the already bent pedals, then I bent the tip over to give it the look I wanted

Step 7: Finishing Touches

I chose to put my flower on a base and later painted it but whatever you choose is up to you.
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