Introduction: Metal Gear Solid:portable Ops [for PSP]

this instructable in for METAL GEAR SOLID: PORTABLE OPS [for psp only]

METAL GEAR SOLID:PORTABLE OPS [also known as MGS-PO or MPO] is a stealth game and is the third game from the metal gear  series to released for PSP and its the first game that you can actually do whatever you want [the first 2 was like a puzzly you will tell snake where to go and he will go but in this game you can walk,run,walk slowly,change the weapons etc.] you will be playing as SNAKE also known as NAKED SNAKE also known as BIG BOSS he is the main character in the game

Step 1: Little More Advanced

Now in the first mission you will play,you get to learn the movement of snake like walking and running and sneaking[walking slowly or stealth]so the enemy won't hear you or see you and equipping a weapon and changing a weapon and alot more.

In the 2nd or 3rd mission that you play you will learn how to recruit an enemy soldier so he can join you and help you,you can atleast recruit 1 soldier but in my opinion you HAVE to recruit more cause every soldier have a weakness and a strength point and some soldiers can heal other soldiers,some can run faster,some can work as technical soldiers so they can increase the ammo of some weapons

there is 4 teams that you can recruit soldiers to,each team can have 4 soldiers:
team ALPHA is the main team its where snake is and you can add 3 other soldiers to that team


these are the sneaking unit team which means that these 4 teams are the ones who will fight other soldiers and go to combat.remember you can play with 1 team at a time.

there is also a SPY UNIT:in spy units you can deploy comrades to another place that you went to so they can spy on them and brings you each place you can deploy 4 comrades

there is also a TECHNICAL UNIT:there is no teams in tech unit but the soldiers that you put in it will improve your weapons and increase the ammo capacity to you weapons and they can produce weapons like knife and thermal goggles and night vision goggles etc. but they cant produce guns and rifles,they can improve the guns and rifles.

there is also a MEDICAL UNIT:also here there is also no teams but the soldiers you put in it can increase your life meter length and produce small medical kits and large medical kits

there is also a INDEPENDENT UNIT:the soldiers that you dont put them in any unit will be here

there is also a ROOKIES UNIT:the soldiers that you recruited will be here,you can later move them to any unit you want

there is also a PRISONERS UNIT: the soldiers that you recruited before they join you they will be in the prisoners unit/list.

Step 2: Good/bad Stuff

the good stuff;
*Excellent, thought-provoking story capably reveals much more about Snake
*Complex, open-ended gameplay has been updated to best suit a portable game 
*Fully featured multiplayer options include game sharing, online play, and more  *Excellent presentation, including superb graphics, sound, music, and speech 
*High replay value.

the bad stuff;
*its missing the 3D scenes
*the talking is boring
*no matter how much you shoot and beat the same enemy soldier,he will never bleed.


after metal gear solid:portable ops
a new edition was release called METAL GEAR SOLID:PORTABLE OPS PLUS

and the latest edition METAL GEAR SOLID:PEACE WALKER