Introduction: Sleep Through Small Earthquakes With a Metal Hanging Bed

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Okay... so initially I made this because my bedframe broke and was meant to be a temporary fun fix! However, in Oklahoma... we have been getting a lot of little annoying earthquakes....grrrr... not enough to crumble a house, but enough to make cracks in a wall, or in the concrete, or ones that disturb your sleep and startle you on a regular basis ie: (3's,4's,5's)!!!! Let me tell you how annoying that is........

This has been a total cure!!!!! Who knew?!!!!

Industrial.... but I am sleepin like a baby:)

Step 1: Preperation and Layout

Take measurements and lay it all out. This one is for a king size bed measuring 76.5" wide and 80" long. I initially measured 20" off the ground and ended at 11" because I'm short and I made it too high!:) I also ended up using all of the metal from the shelving unit rather than from the garage hanging rack unit I planned on using.

Step 2: Wire Brush and Paint

I used a wire brush to grind the metal and painted with a hammered silver oil based paint.

Step 3: Mount to Ceiling and Frame Together

Locate joists and attach the metal brackets with lag screws. Make sure it fits within the measurements of your frame. I lightly drew lines on my wall ceiling to ensure accuracy. The metal brackets can be shorter in length... I could have cut mine shorter, but lets be real.... I was a little unsure about sleeping on this, and wanted to make sure I had it good and secure on the ceiling!!

Attach vertical frame pieces to ceiling piece. I attached these together strategically. The top piece is attached so the smaller part of the hole is at the top... (second picture) as it comes down, I attach the second piece, but flip the third piece so the metal frame that usually holds a piece of wood for a shelf...holds the bed and becomes my bed frame...(as seen in the last picture)

Step 4: Secure Frame

These pieces aren't cut or adjusted, simply attached together using shorter lag bolts. Normally holding the wood piece, as described in prior step, it will instead serve as the bed frame.

Step 5: Insurance

I drilled holes in the metal frame on the long sides, attached rivets, and soldered the backside to ensure frame stability. Probably overkill.... but hey.... I don't want to fall....

Step 6: Cut Slats

I used some 1x6s and 1x4s to cut slats at 76".

Step 7: Put It Together

Once your frame is together.... Add your box spring, mattress, and dress it up!

I know I could dress it up more because the metal is also magnetic...and as you can see if you look closely.... I hang an extension cord through the bracket for my phone cord.... all I know is I can have more fun with it and I'm sleepin like a baby!:)

Happy Hangin!

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