Introduction: Metal Heart Candle Holder

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We've all been there right? Wondering what to give to that special person? Sure you can buy them something, but nothing is better than making a gift with your bare hands. This simple romantic gift will not only "light up" a room (pun intended), but will make a long lasting memory. With novice scroll work capabilities and a few welding tacks, any person will be able to make this :)

Step 1: What You Need

The items needed are relatively cheap (except for the welder)

1. 2 strips of steel 1/8" thick, 3/4" wide, 18" long (heart)
2. A strip of steel 1/8" thick, 2" wide, 8" long (base)
3. A small washer about 2" in diameter
4. Spray paint of choice + primer (I chose a satin black)
5. A tea light candle

1. A form of cutting metal (Chop saw, Grinder, or hacksaw)
2. A welder capable of small tack ( I used my crappy MIG welder)
3. Vice Grips

Optional (but helpful)
1. A scrolling tool (Don't worry if you don't have one)

Step 2: Making the Scrolls

If you already haven't, cut the pieces of metal to the specified lengths.
If you have experience with metal work, make two "S" scrolls of the same size.
Now for the rest of you, follow these steps.

First, you will need a random piece of pipe(1" in diameter) you can clamp the 3/4" strips to.
Then, start bending the strip to form a swirl. (It shouldn't take much strength)
Shape the metal to give it a smooth transition
Repeat the same steps with the other end making sure you bend the metal in the opposite direction making an "S"

Now do this for the other strip and you should have the heart part done

Step 3: The Base

You can make a curved base like shown in the picture or simply a flat one, it all depends on you.

If you want a flat base move to the next step

For a curved base, clamp the middle your 2" strap to the same random pipe and push down on both sides so you get a slight curve
It is best to use a piece of strap slightly longer than you will need then cut it to length after you curve it

Step 4: The Welding

This part is pretty easy since all you do is tack the pieces together.

First tack the 2 "S" scrolls together to make the heart
Then tack that to the base
Finally tack the washer to the heart
You are done!!! Pat yourself on the back :D

Step 5: Painting and Finishing

Once you are done, you can finally paint your work.
First, you must remove any spatter that is left with a grinder, dremel, nail file, etc....

For the paint you will need a primer, and the top coat of your choice.
Follow the instructions for priming and painting.

Once the paint has dried you are finished
All you have to do now is give this to someone or keep it in your home
Remember to light the candle!!!

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