Introduction: Metal Jedi Lightsaber on a Budget

QUICK! It's nearly the night of the halloween party and you don't have all your Jedi costume put together! What do you do?!

Maybe this will help. This is my metal lightsaber built mainly from plumbing parts. It can be done in just a few minutes assuming you can find these parts.

It cost about $20.

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I was inspired by this Instructable:

Here is the parts list:

1.25" Drain:

1.5" Extension:

1.5" Slip nut:

1.5" Faucet hole cover:

Masking tape or similar


Black duct tape

Hot glue

Motor or rotor from hard drive

There isn't really a good way to do this without standing in the store and putting stuff together to see what you think looks good. I'll admit, I stood in the plumbing aisle for a while doing this, and the plumbing clerk thought I was crazy (but never asked to help. Fear? lol). If you like this design and can find these exact parts, then you might can skip dry fitting most of it in the store.

Step 1: Drain Assembly

Remove the rubber and metal washers and arrange them like so.

The rubber one will give the pipe extension a place to but up against.

Screw the metal washer all the way down to the lowest threads. This will make your saber as long as possible.

(If you want it to be longer, use the 12" extension. I went with 6" because it was long enough for me and I didn't feel like cutting metal)

Step 2: Masking Tape and Pipe Extension

It's Halloween, so mask time right?

Wrap masking tape or similar around the end of the drain to build up the outer diameter until the pipe extension fits snuggly over it. If you like, you can do this more than once. I got lucky and it was very snug the first time.

Slide the pipe extension over the tape and but it up against the rubber washer. The threads should be on the bottom.

To remove any labels on the metal parts, use fingernail polish remover, WD-40, or something similar that dissolves adhesive.

Step 3: Finishing the Bottom

Take the plastic washer off your faucet hole cover if there is one. Mine also has a foam washer, which I left on there.

(your faucet hole cover may look differently, as long as it fits inside the washer it will work fine)

Place the faucet hole cover into the bottom of your saber and screw the washer on over it.

This faucet cover is the only faux metal plastic piece in the light saber. I couldn't find a metal one. It had a crazy bright mirror finish though. So much so that my girlfriend joked she might use it to check her make up while we are out.

Step 4: Finishing the Business End

For this I took apart an old hard drive, and used the motor. I had to open a couple to find one thin enough to fit nice and flush into the end of the saber. It actually looks pretty decent without it if you don't have old broken hard drives laying around.

Just disassemble your hard drive (should just be a bunch of screws). Some screws might be hidden under stickers and labels.

Place the motor in the top and secure with hot glue.

Step 5: Ta-Da! Lightsaber.


Because Lightsaber.


I  carefully wrapped black duct tape to add a grip and because I like the 2-tone look. It accents the black rubber washer and the holes near the top nicely.

This is under construction and ongoing. More info and photos (and maybe video!) to come. Hope you enjoyed it!

Some put a ring on the bottom to hang it. I might try using the magnet(s) from that hard drive, sewn into a belt to see if it will stick.

If you wish to make it longer, you can get a longer pipe extension. It comes in 6" and 12".

Future additions:

Looking inside the drain, you will see 4 tabs. Looks a lot like a crystal chamber. I think I will find a polished glass or gem to place in it, and maybe a light to illuminate it.

Tempted to use a hall affect sensor for the light and place a magnet in the thumb of a leather glove. This would allow me to turn the light on just by gripping it.


The hard drive magnets are not strong enough to hold the lightsaber. Even with one inside and one outside. Whatever junk metal this is made out of has too low of iron content to be magnetic (I highly doubt it's due to too much chromium). It just barely attracts to the magnets. I might have to go with the old metal hook/loop anyway.

I threw my entire costume together in a night or two. I had a Jedi robe from a previous Christmas, but I needed the tunic, belt, somewhere to hang the lightsaber, and boots.

Who knows, maybe I'll end up using this for Dragon*Con.

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