Introduction: Metal Melter

The Metal Melter is made from a microwave transformer. All you need is an old microwave, 2 gauge wire, electrical tape, and copper lugs. Also you need safety glasses and gloves to work the Metal Melter. Keep all your parts. This is very important. IT IS VERY DANGEROUS. PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS.

Step 1: Transformer

Take apart the microwave and get a hold of the transformer. The transformer is the control center of the power of the microwave. This can be done easily by unscrewing the bottom of the microwave (carefully) and removing it. Retrieve the transformer carefully.

Step 2: Taking It Apart

Once you have the transformer, you need to place it in vice grips. From there, cut the bottom of the transformer off and take out primary coil. The primary coils 2 metal tabs on it. Take it out gently. Use chisels and carefully pry out the coils. Now take the secondary coil out. You can be as rough as you want with it as you will not be needing it anymore. Place the primary coil back to the bottom of the transformer.

Step 3: New Coil

Now take your 2 gauge wire and wrap it around the transformer. What you are doing is modifying the secondary coil with a bigger one. By modifying the secondary coil on a MOT, the transformer is converted from a high voltage/low current device into a low voltage/high current metal melter.

Step 4: Putting It Back Together

Once the 2 gauge wire is securely wrapped around the transformer, you now need to glue the bottom piece back on.

Step 5: Almost There, Finished

Grab the old microwave (if old) and take the plug from it. Split the end of the wire and connect those to the 2 metal tabs on your primary transformer. Plug the cord into a CIRCUIT BREAKER. You need to do this in order to turn the machine on and off with just a switch. It is a lot safer.

You can now use your Metal Metler!