Introduction: Metal Nurse Statue

Last month, I decided to change my job. I worked as a nurse in the hospital with the nicest colleagues I could ever imagine. As I wanted to leave something for them, something to last, and I enrolled in a hobby welding class, I decided to make a little metal statue which represents a nurse. A nice statue to display in the ward


- whole bunch of old nails, bolts, nuts, ... (I collected them over time)

- scrap piece of steel plate


- welding machine (I used a MIG welding machine, but any other will work as well)

- some clamps, thongs or a vise

- dremel tool

Step 1: Selecting, Clamping, Welding

It's as simple as that. I just searched for a bunch of bolts, nuts, nails, screws and other pieces of metal I could find in the workshop. Then selecting which ones could be used, clamping or holding them together with a thong or vise and weld each piece together.

It sometimes was a pain in the ***, especially with the little parts to make them stay together to make a nice weld, but in the end I had this lovely result.

Step 2: Foot Stand and Name Sign

The little statue wasn't able to stand by itself, so I welded it to a small piece of steel plate. I thought it would a nice extra to add a name sign.

As i worked in a cardiology ward, I gave my name a 'icardiogram style', which I engraved with a dremel tool.

For the people who didn't see, he's holding a syringe and a bedpan (and there's a little golden poo in it)

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