Introduction: Metal Origami

About: Chemistry/Creative Tech double major, Berry College

This project provides a fun twist on the classic art of Origami and leaves you with a cool, intricate knick-knack!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

- a thin roll of aluminum metal

- ruler

- marker (I used an expo marker so that the ink would wipe away once my square was cut out)

- gloves

- cutting mat (or any surface you feel comfortable cutting on)

- a box cutter

- pliers

- a source of reference (I used an Origami app downloaded for free from the App Store)

This is a project for gloves!! As the metal bends and folds it will create sharp edges that are capable of cutting your hands! Keep your gloves on while shaping your piece, and be wary of sharp edges on the form once it is complete.

Step 2: Folding the Piece

To begin, measure out a square on the aluminum. I advise against making anything smaller than 6in x 6in, as it is increasingly difficult to shape the metal the less of it there is, especially with forms that require smaller, more detailed folds.

After your square is mapped, take the box cutter and carefully cut along your lines. You don't need to worry about cutting all the way through as a sufficient guide cut will allow you to simply pull the edges free, much like a perforated piece of paper.

Once the starting piece is free, begin following the steps from your reference of choosing. Use the pliers to crease the folds to achieve a clean-looking form.

Remember to wear your gloves, and fold away!