Introduction: Metal Rose

ive been making these for a little over a year now and blacksmiths, copper smiths, and tin smiths alike have been using this method for hundreds of years. I think im ready to share them on here finaly

Step 1: Materials

the name "rose metal products" is just a coincidence as far as i know

remember you don't have to use what i use here, i started out using old soup cans and wire but these do make them look better

i would recommend brass for a beginner as it is much easier to cut and a scratch is less noticeable

Step 2: Template

there are plenty of free templates out there, but if you want to sell them you will have to get permission or make your own, i found a rose that i liked, took it apart, traced out various pedals, modified and arranged them in Photoshop and then made modifications as needed

in starting here is a template i can recommend:


Step 3: Cutting

trace the template on a sheet, drill your holes (i use a sheet metal drill bit cause it leaves very clean holes) grab some gloves and a good pair of tin snips and you should end up with these boat propeller looking things.

Step 4: Attaching

slide your pieces on the rod, if they decide to be difficult lay them on a socket and hit the stem with a hammer, make sure your rod is not mushroomed or all you will do is dent your piece. once there all on make sure you have at least 1/2" to 1" of rod poking out, then put it in a 1/4" socket and peen it out

Step 5: Bending

up until now this has been almost the exact same as many other rose instructables but now comes what i found to be the tricky part, bending the rose without scratching the beauty out of them, here are some tips

Step 6: First Layer

using a gloved hand or some high leverage needle nose pliers bend up the 2 little pedals then using the pliers give them a bit of a "C" shape this may scratch them slightly but if your careful you can hide it next i use a mallet to close them in on each other but you could also use some normal pliers, it will scratch more though

Step 7: Second Layer

with a gloved hand pull up the next 3 pedals and you should be able to give them all a little bit of curl with your fingers, take the pliers and make it tighter then a mallet or channel locks and squeeze it tight, then take the needle nose and bend the tops down slightly (~3/16")

Step 8: 3rd Layer

you can still bend up the pedals with your hands but you may need some help cupping them squeeze them gently with your pliers while pushing out, tighten it up and bend the tops down (if your Slip Joint Pliers have flat jaws at the tip use them)

Step 9: 4th Layer

follow the same steps as the 3rd layer, the only difference may be that when you bend the tops down it may flatten the pedal so you will have to go back and forth with it till you get it where you want it

Step 10: Last Layer

you may want to try cupping the pedals first on these i use the mallet again but if you bend it in width wise first instead of length wise as done previously it will be easier, this one really likes to fight when the top is bent down but if you work with it for a while it will give in

Step 11: Securing the Sepal

on stainless i have to just glue them together, and it works just fine but i am looking into other methods, just make a circle arround the stem, hold the copper sepal tight for a few seconds then stick it in a bottle to dry

Step 12: Done

well thanks for viewing im thinking i might stick this one up on etsy and ill post a link when i have in the man time, be safe have fun

wow that took longer than i thought:

here's the link

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