Introduction: Metal Workbench Restoration

I had this metal workbench sitting around getting rusted for a long time.

The moment came to restore it properly!


This project was possible with these tools:

  • Angle grinder with several discs
  • Drill with a metal cup brush
  • Welder
  • paintbrush

And supplies like:

  • rust reformer paint
  • paint thinner
  • a fireproof panel (I will use this workbench mostly for welding)

Step 1: Cleaning and Welding

I mainly used a wire cup brush on the angle grinder, for the parts hard to reach I used a drill with a little cup brush.

In my experience, it's not very important to remove the old paint entirely from the surface but it's important to remove all the rust, especially the exfoliated parts!

In my case, some metallic joints were weak, so, I used my welder to strengthen the joints and not allow the pair of legs to be wobbly.

Before painting, the last step is cleaning the grease from the surfaces. I used a paint thinner. After this, I was able to paint it.

Step 2: Painting

I had these leftovers of rust reformer paint, this is why you see two colors.

I also colored the internal space of the drawer white to brighten it up.

Step 3: Put Back Together, Top and a Dirty Anvil.

After the necessary time for the paint to dry it was the moment of the truth. Put back together the parts.

After this, I cut from a leftover HDF fireproof panel a section for the top of my workbench.

The last thing to do is cleaning out the grease from an old vise but still in good conditions. In this case, I used gasoline and a simple paintbrush. Then I put back the parts and connected it with the workbench.

Step 4: Ready to Use!