Introduction: Metal Yard Flower(YART!)

This project was a tribute to an original idea a good friend made. I love working with the plasma cutter, mig, & stick welder. But my favorite thing is making something special out of discarded scrap around the shop

Step 1: Petal Fabricati

I used two lengths for the petals. One was 21"•4" and the other was 17"•4". The template weasel gave a flared bottom to give more area to weld to. We put the long ones in front and staggered fhem to give a realistic look. Once we had a template I traced a bunch of them on some 24 gage sheet metal. Then cut them out by eye to give them a random cut out. It took 12 of each.

Step 2: Center Section

I started out with tracing out a bucket lid. Then hand drew my pattern to keep the continuity of natural shapes. Then made the same thing again but smaller. Took some two inch pipe by three inches for a spacer. Welded the spacer to the smaller piece, cut out the hole in the larger one, then welded thru the hole to the nipple. Put the bike sprocket there to drive home some cryptic inner circle mumbo jumbo.

Step 3: Petal Mount

Now that it is all cut out. Put the longer petals on. I had to use a mig gun because I would burn thru before it would stick.
Then throw the little ones on top, which will be the back once inverted.

Step 4: The Stem

The stem is made with 1&1/2" rebar. The jig on the table is because it is some beefy stuff. Once you have it heated up about the temperature of hell, put it on the jig and pull it around to 90^o.
Then I made a washer that inner welds to the stem and will outer weld to the flower.

Step 5: Leave It to Us

This is just two hand drawn leaves side welded to the stem.
I wanted to stand beside it to show how big it is.
Then carry to the house.

Step 6: Install

I use a three inch by 40" pipe. I dug a two foot hole and filled full of concrete. This is in case I move it later I won't need a forklift to pull it out of the ground.
Welded some nuts on it so I can tighten it in the hole. Then welded some T-handles on a couple of bolts.
Then painted everything up. The color was a compromise with my daughter. I wanted it natural and she wanted red and blue. So that is the reason for the odd coloring

Step 7: Finito

Paint and enjoy. I know I have.
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