Introduction: Metal and Wood Jewelry Holder

Nowadays materials such as metal and wood are constantly being created and used. But many times pieces end up being wasted or thrown away. There are always materials that you can find in your own backyard that you never use. This jewelry holder was my way of using things that were just taking up space in my house and making them into something useful. Additionally, this can turn out to be much cheaper than a product that you buy in a store.

Step 1: Supplies/Materials

- A glue gun

- Silicone sticks

- One toilet paper roll (2 are featured in the picture because you can never be too careful)

- About 3 meters of metal chain

- Old nails and screws

- Pieces of wood and/or bamboo (thin so you can snap them with your hands or cut them with an exacto knife)

- Exacto knife

- A thin square pressboard

Step 2: Reinforcing the Toilet Paper Roll

Since the toilet paper roll is going to be holding a lot of weight we have to reinforce it.

- Heat your glue gun

- Cut a straight stick or bamboo so that it is the exact height of the roll

- Draw a line of silicone on the stick

- Put the stick in the roll with the side with the silicone against the roll (make sure pieces of wood don't stick out a lot)

- Press the stick to the cardboard until the glue cools down

- Do this two times to have two sticks in the roll

Step 3: Adhere Sticks to Roll

Add Sticks to the Roll (these will hold your jewelry)

- Put silicone on the end of a stick

- Hold the stick to the roll and let it dry

- Add extra silicone for support if necessary

- Do this several times until you like the number of sticks on the roll

Step 4: Stick the Metal Chain Around the Roll

Next, you will add the metal to your jewelry holder

- Draw a line of silicone on the roll

- Hold the metal against the roll where the glue is until the silicone dries and the chain sticks

- Make your way around the roll, in a spiral

- Repeat this until you have reached the top of the roll

(Make sure that every lock is at least in some way stuck to the roll)

(Try not to leave a lot of space between each row of metal)

Step 5: Cover the Top of the Roll

So that the top of the roll doesn't stay exposed you will cover it with a metal chain, to stay with the same theme.

- Put silicone on both ends of a stick (that perfectly fits the roll)

- Put it on the very top of the roll and let the silicone dry

- Grab your metal chain and start pasting it in a spiral (put the silicone down first then the chain)

(try to stick the chain that is on the edges and sticks very firmly so that it can support the ones in the air)

- Make sure that everything is firmly glued

- If there is any excess chain either wrap it around the roll, disconnect it from the rest of the chain or hide it (I wrapped it around)

Step 6: Add Screw and Nails

To reuse even more materials, you can add screws and nails to your jewelry holder. It also gives your project more of an industrial look.

- Lay silicone at the end of a nail or screw

- Hold the nail or screw against the roll or the metal chain until the silicone dries

- Add extra glue for support

- Include as many nails or screws as you want

Step 7: Connect the Base and the Roll

To finish glue the roll to the pressboard base

- Lay silicone on the edge of the bottom of the roll

- Put glue on the bamboo sticks as well

- Connect the base and roll

- Softly press them together until the silicone dries

Step 8: You're All Done!

I hope that you enjoy your new jewelry holder. Hang up, your necklaces, bracelets or earrings on the braches, screws, and nails. You are helping the environment by reusing materials that would otherwise not be used.

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