Introduction: Metal/Wood Bar

This is a personal project of mine that I'm working on while in school, so I thought I would create a guide incase somebody else out there wants to build one like it. On this page is a step by step process on how to build a bar/table at home.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

The things that need to be accessible for this project are as follows;

+Welding PPE

+Welder (of your choosing)

+Tape Measure


+Combination Square

+Speed Square


+Band Saw

+Angle Grinder

+Miter Saw

+Drill Driver

+Impact Driver/Wrench

+Carriage Bolts with Lock Nuts x12

+4"x4" lumber

+3"x1 1/2"x15' rectangle tube

+1"x1"x10' square tube

+Live-edge wood, for top

+Orbital Sander





Step 2: Draw Blueprints

To start the project off, decide the length, width, and height that the table needs to be. Next, draw up a rough set of blueprints as a reference guide to follow throughout the process. Either use my prints as pictured, or specifically design them for your needs.

Step 3: Pick Up and Cut Materials

Now that the measurements are known, and the blueprints have been drawn up, it's time to order and pick up the materials needed for the table. Once the materials are on hand, begin cutting the metal down to size. Clamp and grind off the coating of mill-scale where the parts will be welded together in order to make a good, clean weld.

Step 4: Weld Together

Next, start with the top table brace. Lay out the rectangular tubing in reference to the blueprint. Once the parts are laid in place, check that they are all level and square before clamping down to weld. Double check that the parts are square and level. Choose a welding process and begin to weld. I chose GMAW (MIG). Now that the top bracing is welded together, take the grinder and finish-grind the welds that need to be flush for the table top to sit on. Follow the same steps as above for the bottom brace, made out of the one inch square tubing.

Step 5: Cut and Drill Legs

Now that both the top and bottom braces are welded together, cut the wood for the legs to length. I used simple Pine for mine. Once the wood is cut, precisely mark and drill the holes for the carriage bolts in both the wood legs, and the metal bracing. Make sure to use proper bits for each material.

Step 6: Finishing Your Project

Im unable to have a picture of my table top because its not finished for the time im posting this. Since all parts are now ready to be bolted togeher, it is time to sand, paint, and stain your metal and wood before assembling the final product. Your base is now completed, and all that's left is to screw the table top into place. I chose a live-edge slab of walnut.

Step 7: Congratulations!

You now have a beautiful hand made bar to visit with friends and family around, also a great conversation piece. If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I will try to get back to you ASAP. I've included a video of the process I chose to weld with. The video is of me testing my parameters before welding on my project.