Introduction: Metallic Wood Wall Nursery

Tools Used:

* Tapemeasure * #2 Pencil * Stud Finder

* Painters Tape * Miter Saw * 1/8 Drill Bit

* Paint Roller * Drill Gun * Sand Paper

Materials Used:

* #2 Top Choice Whitewood Board (6in x 8ft)

* Quart Ralph Lauren Metallic Paint (Silver, Mica & Iron Gate)

* Kilz 2 Latex Primer Gallon * Valspar Flat Indigo Streamer Spray Paint

* Grip Rite Star Drill Trim Screws (2 1/4" x 7)

Step 1: Calculate Square Footage of Wall

To calculate the square footage of the wall measure the length and width of the wall and then multiple those two numbers together to get the area in feetsquared (ft2). Now that you have the square footage of the wall divide that number by 4 to get the number of wood boards required to cover the wall. It's also a good idea to purchase a few extra boards to account for those throw away pieces as a result of being cut. So in my case I had a 88ft square foot wall meaning I needed twenty-two wood boards at bare minimum I ended up purchasing four extra boards to account for those throw away pieces.

Step 2: Prime Time

Lay out each piece of wood side by side and go over each piece with P60 sandpaper in order to prepare it for primer. Afterwards apply an even coat of Kilz 2 Latex primer with the use of a roller.

Step 3: Ready for Paint

Evenly split up the wood into four different groups with a gap in between each to avoid cross contamination of paint. Use a roller to apply an even layer of paint to each group until three coats of paint have been applied.

Step 4: Wall Template

Using a stud finder scan the wall for studs and mark them off with a strip of painter's tape. Now snap a photo of the wall and upload that to some sort of photo editing software such as Gimp, Paint, Photoshop, etc. With that being said start laying out blocks of color coordinated rectangles that align with the studs just like the sample photo provided.

Step 5: Wall Assembly

Using the wall template count off the number of studs the board lays across and measure from end to end on the wall just like the image shown above. After getting the measurement go and cut the correct colored board that matches the template and then screw it to the studs.

Step 6: Finished Masterpiece

All that is left to do now is sit back & relax and admire the fine piece of art work you just created.