Introduction: Metalsonic’s Pocket Pistol Instructions

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I discovered this gun a few weeks ago; unfortunately there were no instructions so I decided to make some. I have modded it slightly to make it more comfortable but, my mods are optional. It doesn’t shoot 70 feet for me but I bet it goes around 50. I give metalsonic 90% credit, I only modded it a bit.

Step 1: Parts List

Connectors: 5 yellow, 4 white, red 6, green 2, orange 4, purple/ldark grey 2, light grey 1. Rods: white 16, green 28, bendy orange 1, light brown or red 1 (light brown is better because it is stiffer). Other: Y connectors 10, cut purple or a ball socket 1, cut red connector, the end of a rod or half of a green rod 1, either 8 or 9 thin K’nex tires or 3 LEGO tires (the size that fits on the wheels in the NXT and EV3 sets). Three thin K’nex tires are equivalent to one LEGO tire.

Step 2: First Layer

Build the first layer as shown. Don’t forget the tape!

Step 3: Mechanism and Second Layer

Build the second layer and trigger. I forgot the light grey connector, I show where it goes in the last picture. It goes in the back of the gun.

Step 4: Third Layer

You’re nearly finished!

Step 5: Other Parts:

Add these on. Everything except the firing pin is optional. The green rod doesn’t need tape, but it helps. I FORGOT THE WHITE ROD ON THE VERY TOP OF THE GREEN PIECE ON THE BACK! Add it, it helps.

Step 6: Banding and Using

Band it with #64’s and #32’s as shown. I fire it with 3 or 4 #64’s on the ram rod.