Introduction: Meter Clip Quick Change

I have a Magnetic hanging clip for my meter and need to be able to remove it quickly to go from panel work to bench top.

I didn't want to spend the $$$ to by the name brand set or wait 2 months for the China knock off.

So here goes. . .

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

Side Cutters (Scissors work too)

Small Pliers


Heavy Duty Needles

Super Glue

1" nylon Webbing

1" Velcro Both Sides

Heavy Duty Thread

Para-cord Clip

Step 2: Sewing It Together

Take the side of the buckle you want to have the Velcro tab on. Measure out the length you need and cut melting the ends of the nylon strap (they will come unwoven if you don't). Make sure to leave enough length to allow it to fold over and for the width of what you want to attach it to.

Fold over and stitch back and forth as close to the buckle as you can. This is were the hemostats come int. if you clamp them along the path you want to sew then they will act as a guide. I used the small pliers to push the needle through the to layers of nylon and pull it out the other side, one could use a thimble but the pliers worked better for me.

Measure and cut one side of your Velcro. Then apply a very small about of super glue on the back side and affix it to the nylon strap (this will hold it in place while you stitch around the sides) and allow to dry. Then run stitches around the all for sides.

On open end of your nylon strap repeat the Velcro process with the other side of the Velcro so that it hooks correctly.

Step 3: Finished Product

Attach your clip to the item you need to hang. I only had to one side as the magnet already had a strap with Velcro on it.