Introduction: Methane Blaster Torch

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I used charcoal to melt aluminum but was not satisfied to its working so I decided to MAKE A METHANE/PROPANE blaster torch.HERE WE GO!

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  1. Making a foundry/furnace:
  2. Making and Baking bricks at home(in the same furnace):
  4. also if you're interested in airsoft:

Step 1: GATHERING Up the Materials

These are the things you'll need:

1. Five foot of propane hose with flare fitting at one end.

2. Contact pin.

3. Hollow bolt with two nuts.

4. Steel ruler.

5. Teflon tape.

6. Cotton Thread.

7. ¾ inch joiner socket.

8. Small Pressure control valve.

9. 1 and 1/2 inch to 1-inch reducer coupling.

10. 12 inches of 1-inch thick pipe.

11. 2-inch clip.

Step 2: Putting Things Together.

Roll thread around the joiner socket and then roll Teflon tape around it.

Attach it to the pressure control valve and then attach HOLLOW Bolt.Then roll Teflon tape around the contact pin’s threads and then attach it to the hollow bolt using a wrench and hand vise.Things would be even easier if you have a bench vise.

Step 3: Putting Things Together.(part 2)

Take a steel ruler and cut 6.5 inches by using a hack saw.

Then mark the center of it(comes to around 3.25) and drill a ¾ inch hole in it(size of the hole depends on the thickness of the Hollow bolt you are using) .place the reducer coupling in the center such that on either side there is the same length of steel scale.Then mark the sides of the reducer coupling on the steel scale by scratching with a screw driver. Bend at 90 degrees at that place by using a bench vise. Use a hammer to make the bend more solid(I used the reducer coupling and pipe J)Attach the bent ruler to the hollow bolt and secure with two nuts.

Step 4: Attaching Things to the Pipe and Reducer Coupling.

Attach the bent ruler and the other stuff to the reducer coupling by using a 2-inch clip. Attach the hose to it and it’s done.

Step 5: FIRING It Up

Put the end of the methane /propane blaster in the furnace

and then light some paper and place it in the furnace. Next slowly increase the pressure and see the furnace get hot.

Step 6: Bonus Video

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