Introduction: Metolious Wood Grips Compact 2

This is a hangboard I made at home modeled off of the Metolius Wood Grips Compact 2.

I modeled it in Autocad first to get the general idea of what I was going to do, and then I figured things out as I went from there. Every in the cad model is made to the correct dimensions. Looking back on it I should've taken more pictures and I could've done it much more efficiently, but it was my first time working with wood. Also, in my CAD model, I added sloper holds not in my final project, but they're there if you would like to add them.


6"x1.5" hardwood

Miter Saw

Sander or sandpaper

router and rounding bit

Step 1: Prepare Wood

Cut your 6"x1.5" board to be 24 inches long using the miter saw. Additionally, I added angles on each side of mine for the look. On the saw, it was about 4.75 degrees on either side but mainly I cut it so the top was 24" and the bottom was 23"; an isosceles trapezoid.

Step 2: Draw Out Template

On the piece of wood, I measured out where the pockets would be based on the CAD drawing. From there I penciled in what would need to be cut and how deep it would need to be.

Step 3: Make Holds

Using a hand router I cut out the areas I drew out in the previous step. I used a hand router but I believe that a plunge router would work better for these purposes. I also routed out the edges on either side of the pockets.

Step 4: Round Edges

Using a Rounding Over Bit, I went along the edges of each pocket and edge. This just made it smoother and the sanding easier later on.

Step 5: Sand Edges

Next, I sanded down all of the sharp corners and tried to make the wood smoother overall. I also added jugs on the top using the sander to make the top border very round.

Step 6: Mount

I mounted my hangboard onto another board so that I could get my fingers all the way around the jugs up top. There are many ways that you can mount the board, but try to make sure you go through the most stable parts.

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