Introduction: Mexican Beef Burritos - on the Grill

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Video Recipe

Check out the entire process in the embedded video!

With regards to the spices rub please see below:

1x Tablespoon Cumin 1x Tablespoon Coriander 1x Teaspoon Cinnamon 1x Teaspoon of Garlic powder 1x Teaspoon of Sweet Paprika (dulce) 1/2 Teaspoon of Hot Paprika (picante) A large pinch of freshly ground black pepper & Sea salt (we used smoked flavour)

Combine all in a bowl and mix thoroughly, rub over meat and refrigerate for several hours, ideally overnight.

The skirt steak (which was cut quite thick) was cooked to 140F internal temps and rested, so it was pulled around 145F. Cooking times may reduce if the steak is tenderised i.e. flattened out.

Rolling the Burrito:this can be done on a chopping board or straight onto the foil

1/ start with lightly heated tortilla
2/ Place filling on lower half of tortilla in centre
3/ Fold over sides of tortilla as shown
4/ Pick up bottom part of tortilla...
5/ …and pull up over filling and tortilla sides
6/ Start to fold tortilla over meat…
7/ Continue folding until entire tortilla has enveloped filling
8/ Place on foil if not already done so
9/ Wrap burrito and fold in excess foil at the sides.

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