Introduction: Mexican Dessert: Bunuelos

Bunuelos are a traditional Mexican dessert. The dessert is mainly served during Christmas time, but many people still cook it at different occasions. They can be served at different events or even as a snack. It is a delicious dessert and one that I recommend people try.

There are many different types of Bunuelos, including Bunuelos made from bread to tortillas. In this recipe, we are using tortillas to make Bunuelos. There are also many different ways that people make the dessert. This recipe took less than 30 minutes, so the dessert is very simple and quick to make when following these steps.

I'm not the best at cooking, but I found this dessert easy to make and worth trying. If you try making it, I'm sure you will enjoy it as well!

Step 1: Ingredients

Many other recipes for Bunuelos require more  cooking tools and ingredients, which can scare many people from trying to make the dessert. However, there are very little ingredients involved with this recipe, so it will not take much to make the dessert. All the items in this recipe can be purchased at a local grocery store.

Here are a list of items that you'll need:

Uncooked flour tortillas
Cooking oil
Cup of sugar

Paper towels
Cookie Cutters

Step 2: Cut

First, grab a couple of tortillas (depending on how many you want to make) and place them on a paper towel. I'm making six bunuelos, so I've placed six tortillas on the paper towels.

Then you are going to grab the cookie cutter, press on tortilla, and cut into shape. If you are using more than one cookie cutter, like me, then repeat the step as many times as you need.

Step 3: Pour

After you finish cutting the tortillas, you are going to pour cooking oil on the pan enough to fill the entire pan. Once this step is done, cook on medium heat.

Step 4: Place

Next, you are going to place the cut out tortillas onto pan and let them fry. You may fry the tortillas individually on the pan or by pairs.  Since there is room on the pan, I'm going to fry two at the same time.

Step 5: Flip

Flip tortillas to other side until it fries. You will know when the tortillas start to fry once they start to bubble and the brown spots appear. 

Step 6: Dry

Once the tortillas are fried, take each out and place on paper towel to dry.  

By this point, the tortillas should be fried and covered in brown spots.

Step 7: Add

Place cinammon and sugar on plate (depending on how much you want on the tortillas). In this case, I put enough to cover the plate.

Then mix the cinammon and sugar together on one plate. After this step is done, place the mix on tortillas.

By this point, the fried tortillas should be covered in cinammon and sugar on a separate plate.

Step 8: Finish

The last step to the recipe is to place tortillas covered in cinnamon and sugar onto a separate plate. You can add a topping if you'd like. In this case, I added a side of strawberries and whipped cream.

Once this step is done, then you're ready to enjoy your food.  You're dessert should look similar to the picture below.