Introduction: Mexican Style Rattledrum

You want a mexican rattledrum?
What do you need ?

- wood 50 mm thick
- thread
- 3D printer

How to make a mexican rattledrum ?

"Insert the skull in your 3D-printer, remember to make two of them. The stick is also easy to print, or you can just use a stick you still have (or even just buy one at the diy-store). The other part should be made with a CNC-milling machine. When all parts are created, you take one of the cillinders and drill a tiny hole in two opposing toes. These holes are needed for the fixation of the skulls. To fix them, you put a rope through there nose (or any other hole) and tie it up. Thread the other end of the rope through the hole and tie it up a couple of times, to be sure it is firmly fixed. After this is done, you can carefully drill a hole in one of the toes of the other cillinder. The bore of this hole depends on the diameter of your stick. The stick should fit perfectly into the hole. Next step: pasting the stick. Easy one, I think you can handle this without further instructions. Now it's time for the final step. We're going to put the two cillinders together. Two important things here are to point the toes towards each other, but that's logic, and to make the holes where the skulls are attached form a horizontal line. If both factors are OK, you can put them together. Congratulations, you just made your own mexican style rattledrum!"