Introduction: Mibi the Bug Robot

Materials Needed:
1) 1 0.008 x 6 x 12" Tin Sheet from crafts/hobby store (Stock #16254 from
2) 1 3VDC Vibration Motor from Radio Shack Part No. 273-0107
3) 1 CR2032 Battery Holder from Radio Shack Part No. 270-009
4) 2 Mini 1-1/4" Alligator Clips (smaller should work) from Radio Shack Part No. 270-0380
5) Soldering Iron and Lead-Free solder
6) CR2032 battery
7) Electrical tape
8) Permanent markers to decorate robot

Step 1: First Cut Out the Octagon Body From the Attached Template

Step 2: Paste Template to Tin Sheet and Cut Out Tin Body

Paste the cutout octagon body template with super glue to 0.008" sheet tin from the local hobby store.  Using tin snips cut out the body from the tin sheet.

Step 3: Punch Holes in Body for Battery Terminals

Using a hammer and nail at least 0.08" in diameter, punch holes through the black dots in the body.  Use the hammer to lightly flatten to protruding metal.  The goal is the make the holes big enough that there is enough clearance around the battery terminals on a Radio Shack CR2032 Battery Holder (Part No. 270-009), which will go underneath the body and whose terminals will go through the body.  If there's not enough clearance, the battery will short.

Step 4: Cut Out Legs and Solder Them On.

Cut a 0.25 x 12" strip of tin metal and cut it into 6 2" legs.  Then solder them on underneath the body per the first page of the template.  The top of the robot is the part with the paper cutout glued on.

Step 5: Solder the Alligator Clips to the Motor Wires

Solder the alligator clips to the motor wires.  I would recommend putting electrical tape around the soldering joint to minimize wear and tear of the connection.

Step 6: Put All the Pieces Together.

Using a 0.5" x 1.8" strip of duct tape and per the attached photo tightly tape the motor to the top of the body and make sure the tape covers the punched out holes.  Also make sure the vibrating head of the motor is clear of the tape.

Then poke a pin hole through the tape in the center of the two holes with a pin.  The idea is to make sure the battery terminals do not make contact with the tin.

Finally with the battery in the battery holder, put the battery terminals through the pin holes.  Then attach one of the alligator clips to one of the pins.  To turn on the robot attach the other alligator pin.  Enjoy and decorate with the permanent markers.